Karna R. 

This is hands down the best gym i've ever belonged to!  It's a place to go to have an awesome work out...and to be around people who take their diets and exercise programs seriously.  

You can find success here because everyone cares just as much or more about your fitness goals as you.  People working out here are training for weightlifting competions, bodybuilding competitions, marathons, and athletics.  When you're around people that are achieving great things you can't help but rise to that level of dedication.

Other gyms I've belonged to have tv's and extra stuff..and zero customer service.  I never really liked the other gyms I went to because I'd just wander around from machine to machine without knowing what to do or how to make a good exercise routine.

Also, I've always been intimidated by Olympic Lifters and Bodybuilders.  But here...they're like family.  They will encourage you and help you and make you feel welcomed and that it's OK to try new ways to exercise.  If you want to get in shape and get focused...this is the place for you!


Donna P

This is a great gym. Simi and his team are amazing. The gym has everything you need and the membership rates are super reasonable. You get so much more for your money here. I never have to wait for cardio equipment. I am greeted by name with smiles and encouragement. If you are looking for a personal trainer there are many to choose from depending on your goals. Sionne Takataka comes highly recommended. I have NEVER loved working out and I look forward to my weekly sessions with him. He is changing how I look at fitness. If you are considering a gym in the Emeryville/Oakland/Berkley area don't overlook this one. :)


Jett S. 

Love this place.  Wandered in here looking for an alternative to 24hr fitness, which I had gone to for years.  Signed up on the spot.  $40/month if you get electronic monthly debit, no sign up fee.  Not bad at all for a local gym.  I've gone all different times on different days, even at it's most crowded you won't wait more than a minute or two for whatever equipment or space you want to use.  They have anything you could want- tires, sledghammers, ropes, bands, kettlebells, free weights, boxing stuff, squat racks, cardio machines....the roll up door is always open, giving you sunlight and fresh air.  

It wasn't long before I was talked into getting some personal training.  It's probably one of the best personal training deals I've ever come across.


Sam K. 

I spent a lot of time looking for a good gym when I moved to oakland. This is by far the best place to train. 3 squat racks with bumper plates, you never have to wait for a treadmill, and the guys who work here are nice and helpful. Great environment. It also happens to be the cheapest option... Awesome gym.


Sierra V. 

I love coming here to work out. I joined this gym on a reccomendation from my friend, who sought this gym out specifically for the bumper plates and platforms.

If you're looking for a gym with a nice locker room, and spin class, sauna, all the bells and whistles and appearances, etc., this is not the place.

What I love about the gym is that it's chill, but also for serious athletes too. You get a mix of people: olympic lifters, body builders, people looking to lose weight, people rehabing injuries, young, old, fit, unfit (but working on it!), etc. I like to think of it as average joe's gym -- something for everyone (even a ping pong table).

I can get the full workout I need here, its never too crowded, and they have all the necessary equipment (tires and kettlebells too!). I get greeted with a smile by people who know my name, and I never have to deal with people working out to put on a show.

Their new building has a shower, which is nice too. Never used the trainers, but it seems like they have highly qualified trainers for whatever your goals might be (and they're all very friendly).

Like I said, not for everyone. But if you want a good workout with good people, and don't want to be bothered by posers, check it out.


Lauren H.

It's fun just saying you belong to "Team Tufunga."

Better yet, it's really a fun place to work out. If I were to name it something else, it'd be the "People's Gym" because it's a gym for regular people.  
This is no 24 Hour Fitness. Imagine a warehouse with the garage door rolled up and diesel women tossing truck tires in the parking lot. That's pretty much a typical Wednesday evening at Tufunga.

But it's not all crazy chiseled chicks and body builder types that come here, you'll also find older folks and lazy treadmillers like myself. I have, however, been training with Simi for a few months now, so he kicks my butt once a week, too!

Really pleased to have found this gym right around the corner from my office. Everyone (staff and members) are super friendly, low key and non intimidating. Best gym I've ever been a part of!


Devesh K.

Awesome Awesome Awesome.

I've been going here for a few months now and it's unbeatable for the price. I was going to 24hr in downtown Berkeley before this and it was $34/month but super crowded, smelly, and never head weights open.

I mostly do freeweights, and it's great. I go after work at "peak" time and still get whatever equipment I want when I want.

Simi is friendly and the crowd there is nice and focused but friendly.

Honestly I am scared leaving yet another 5 star review for this gym [on Yelp] because I don't want it to get crowded, but I have to give a good word for these guys.