Available on-street parking & FREE parking lot  Medicine Balls
 6,000 square-foot gym space  Stability Balls
 Bathrooms & Shower  Body Bars
 Bodywork & Massage on-site  Kettlebells
 Free Weights & Bars  Olympic Lifting Platforms & Bars
 Weight Benches  Colored & Solid Black Kilo Bumper Plates
 Plate-Loaded and Stack-Loaded Weight Machines  Heavy & Speed Bags and Boxing Equipment
 Power Racks  Ping Pong Table
 Smith Machine  Fixed Weight Dumbbells up to 140 pounds
 Multi-Function Pulley Racks  Fixed Weight Sets of Straight and EZ Bars
 Treadmills  Recumbent Bike
 Elliptical Cross Trainers  Stair Climbers & Steppers
 Exercise Bikes  Classes & Bootcamp