New! Group Personal Training with Simi Tugunga
Saturday, February 20, 2016
By Karna Roa
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New!  Group Personal Training with Simi Tufunga!

Starts Monday, February 22, 2016

Want the awesome experience of personal training with Simi Tufunga, for a reduced rate...working out with only a few other folks?

This is the way to go!

Start your day of the right way with TWO different Group Personal Training classes to choose from:

1)  MONDAY & WEDNESDAY:  6:00am-7:00am, limited to just 5 members

2)  TUESDAY & THURSDAY:  6:00am-7:00am, limited to just 5 members


6 sessions, 3 weeks, $320

See SIMI TUFUNGA to sign up


CELL:  510-778-5077

GYM:  510-655-6796